The 2017 Adirondack Park Institute, Inc. Board of Trustees

Robert C. Lilly

Vice President
Ruth Olbert

Frank Pine

Susan Goodspeed

Stuart Angert
Rob Calihan
Michael I. German
Roy H. Ginsberg
Paul Hai
Mark Leta
Edmund Lynch
Charles F. Monzeglio, Jr.
Harriet Savage
David Simpson
Elizabeth Thorndike

Frank (1922-2012) and Jeanne Hutchins at 2012 "New Beginnings Gala" at Paul Smith's College.

Honorary Trustees
Robert Stegemann
Charles E. Sporck
Abbie Verner (1937-2017)
Ross S. Whaley

Founding President
Frank M. Hutchins (1922-2012)

Founding Trustees
George Canon (1939-2017)
Thad P. Collum (1931-2016)
William B. Hale (1921-2015)

Special Advisor
Elizabeth M. Lowe

Executive Director
Daniel T. Fitts
Office Manager
Susan Goodspeed

P.O. Box 67
Newcomb, NY 12852

Remembering Bill Hale (1921-2015), with daughter Kate, founding API Board Member and friend.
Photo by Paul Smith’s College

Remembering Thad Collum (1931-2016) with wife Barbara at 2012 Gala.

Remembering George Canon (1938-2017) at the 2012 Gala with Bob Lilly and Dan Spada.

Remembering John Collins (1938-2017), API supporter and friend.

Thanks to Our Sustaining Partners